MCR Subcommittee

Richard Shaw

MCR Committee Chair

I am a Research Fellow at the MRC / CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the University of Glasgow. I am an Epidemiologist and I have carried [...]

Stephen McCall

MCR Committee Deputy Chair

Stephen McCall is the acting director for the Center for Research on Population and Health, which leads and supports methodologically robust research [...]

Nason Maani

MCR Mentoring Rep

Nason Maani is a Lecturer in Inequalities and Global Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh’s Global Health Policy Unit, in the School of Soci [...]

Claire Niedzwiedz

MCR Committee Comms Officer (joint)

I have a background in public health and social epidemiology. My research focuses on understanding mental health inequalities and re [...]

Santosh Vijaykumar

MCR Committee Member

Dr. Santosh Vijaykumar is Associate Professor of Health Communication and Director of the Cognitive and Health Infodemics Research Programme (CHIRP) a [...]

Cathy Brenan

MCR Committee Comms Officer (joint)

I am an Associate Professor in Psychological and Social Medicine at the University of Leeds. My primary research interests are in Public Men [...]

Gemma Sharp

I am an Associate Professor in epidemiology at the University of Exeter. My research interests include women’s reproductive health, the developmenta [...]

Max Barnish

I am a Research Fellow in Systematic Reviewing at the University of Exeter, with a PhD in Health Sciences from the University of East Anglia. My curre [...]