Past Committees

We’ve had a number of members come and go over the years. Below is a list of all our members dating back to 1983. If you feel there is someone missing, please email the secretary here

Officers and Committee Members 1983-1988

 ChairM D WarrenJ A HeadyW W HollandD J NewellA Cartwright
 Hon TreasurerJ WalkerM ClarkeM ClarkeF A BoddyM Clarke
 Hon SecretaryF A BoddyF A BoddyF A BoddyM ClarkeF A Boddy
 Chair electJ A HeadyW W HollandD J NewellW W HollandJ Leeson
 Past chairV CarstairsM D WarrenJ A HeadyA CartwrightD J Newell
J R AshtonS AdamS AdamS AdamN Black
M ClarkeJ R AshtonJ R Ashton/td>N BlackS Farrow
T J CullinanT J CullinanT J CullinanK DunnellJ Fox
I T RussellK DunnellK DunnellS FarrowC M U Maclean
M P VesseyI T RussellC M U MacleanJ FoxK McPherson
P H N WoodM P VesseyI T RussellC M U MacleanM Wadsworth

Officers and Committee Members 1988-1993

 ChairJ LeesonJ ButlerE AlbermanD BarkerG Draper
 Hon TreasurerM ClarkeK McPhersonK McPhersonK McPhersonK McPherson
 Hon SecretaryK DunnellK DunnellK DunnellK DunnellK Dunnell
 Chair electJ ButlerE AlbermanD BarkerG DraperJ Chamberlain
 Past chairA CartwrightJ LeesonJ ButlerE AlbermanD Barker
N BlackS FarrowS FarrowA JohnsonD Kuh
S FarrowA JohnsonA JohnsonM MarmotE McColl
J FoxR MadlyR MadlyN MaysN Mays
K McPhersonM MarmotM MarmotJ NichollJ Nicholl
P StrongP StrongN MaysM ThorogoodM Thorogood
M WadsworthM WadsworthP StrongR WestR West

Officers and Committee Members 1993-1998

 ChairJ ChamberlainJ FoxM ClarkeA BoddyK Dunnell
 Hon TreasurerK McPhersonN BlackN BlackN BlackN Black
 Hon SecretaryI LeckI LeckI LeckD KuhD Kuh
 Chair electJ FoxM ClarkeA BoddyK DunnellC du V Florey
 Past chairG DraperJ ChamberlainJ FoxM ClarkeA Boddy
D KuhG Davey SmithA CoulterA CoulterA Coulter
E McCollE KernohanK HuntK HuntK Hunt
M McKeeD KuhG Davey SmithJ JamisonJ Jamison
J NichollE McCollE KernohanJ PopayJ Popay
M ThorogoodM McKeeM McKeeR RonaR Rona
R WestG Richards -ASMT SheldonK ThomasK Thomas
D Kuh – Next SecyT Sheldon – ASMFLR Williams – ASM
A Pollock – News

Officers and Committee Members 1998-2002

 ChairC du V FloreyJ McEwenJ NichollK McPhersonC Law
 Hon TreasurerN BlackI HarveyI HarveyI HarveyI Harvey
 Hon SecretaryD KuhD KuhR HardyR HardyR Hardy
 Chair electJ McEwenJ NichollK McPhersonC LawA Pollock
 Past chairK DunnellC du V FloreyJ McEwenJ NichollK McPherson
J JamisonA ClarkeY Ben-SchlomoY Ben-SchlomoY Ben-Schlomo
N PayneJ JamisonA ClarkeA ClarkeJ Connelly
J PopayN PayneJ ConnellyJ ConnellyB Hanratty
R RonaR RonaB HanrattyB HanrattyD Lawlor
K ThomasK ThomasD LawlorD LawlorC Orchard
S WykeS WykeC WolfenC WolfeC Wolfe
R West – ASMC Florey – WebC Florey – Web
S Ziebland – ASM

Officers and Committee Members 2003-2007

 ChairA PollockM WhiteheadS McintyreI HarveyR West – IEA-EEF
 Hon TreasurerI HarveyI HarveyA ClarkeA ClarkeA Clarke
 Hon SecretaryR Hardy/AA ClarkeA DowningA DowningA Downing
 Chair electClarkeS McintyreI HarveyR West – IEA-EEFD Kuh
 Past chairM WhiteheadA PollockM WhiteheadS McintyreI Harvey
C LawS EbrahimS EbrahimK DunnC Cooper
S EbrahimM GilthorpeM GilthorpeM GilthorpeK Dunn
G LengG LengR HarrisonR HarrisonM Gilthorpe
A O’CathainA O’CathainG LengL Moore – NewsC Wolfe
C WolfeJ TownsendA O’CathainJ TownsendS Taylor
C Florey -WebC Florey -WebA O’CathainJ TownsendS Taylor
B Hanratty -NewsB Hanratty -NewsC Florey – WebS CumminsC Florey – Web
N Payne -EUPHAR West -IEA-EEFC Orchard EUPHAA Leyland – EUPHAA Leyland – EUPHA
R West -IEA-EEFR Wilson -ASMFR West -IEA-EEFA Leyland – EUPHAI Perry – ASM
R Wilson -ASM

Officers and Committee Members 2008-2012

Position200820092010 20112012
 ChairD KuhN MaysM McKeeM ThorogoodM White
 Hon TreasurerA ClarkeA ClarkeA ClarkeM GilthorpeM Gilthorpe
 Hon SecretaryA DowningA DowningJ MindellJ MindellJ Mindell
 Chair electN MaysM McKeeM ThorogoodM WhiteS Capewell
 Past chairR West – IEA-EEFD KuhN MaysM McKeeM Thorogood
C CooperD BattyD Batty– IEA-EEFD Batty– IEA-EEFJ Coster – ECR
S CumminsC CooperE BreezeE BreezeE Breeze
K DunnM GilthorpeG MishraD O’ReillyD O’Reilly
M GilthorpeI PerryI PerryB RechelB Rechel
I PerryN RaymondN RaymondN RaymondK Rees
S TaylorC Florey – WebC Florey – WebA Clarke – ASMP Tennant – ECR
C Florey -WebA Leyland – EUPHAA Leyland – EUPHAC Florey – WebD Batty- IEA-EEF
A Leyland – EUPHAR West – IEA-EEFD O’Reilly – ASMA Leyland – EUPHAC Florey – Web
C Orchard – ASMM White – ASMD O’Reilly – ASMA Leyland – EUPHC Florey – Web
N Mays – ASM

Officers and Committee Members 2013-2017

 ChairM WhiteS CapewellS CapewellA ClarkeA Clarkee
 Hon TreasurerM GilthorpeM GilthorpeeM GilthorpeA PearceA Pearce
 Hon SecretaryM BenzevalM BenzevalM BenzevalP TennantP Tennant
 Communications officerM KellyP TennantM KelsonM KelsonM Kelson
 President ElectS CapewellM KelsonD BattyA LeylandH Inskip
B RechelD BattyA LeylandI PerryA Leyland
K ReesA LeylandI PerryC HayesI Perry
J BairdC HayesC HayesT ChandolaC Hayes
N CableK OliverD CadarS RonziT Chandola
D O’ReillyS OliverA DowningA DowningL Demou
S TaylorC Florey – WebC Florey – WebA Clarke – ASMP Tennant – ECR
S RamsayS OliverS OliverA Downing
D Batty
A Leyland
A Memon
B Cairns
ECR CommitteeR Johnson
J Coster
K Oliver
SCR CommitteeK Oliver
H Denison
J George
Newsletter EditorsP Tennant
S Bell
S Bell
R Shaw
T Arora
R Johnson
WebmasterM Heasman

Officers and Committee Members 2018-2019

ChairHazel InskipHazel Inskip
Hon TreasurerAnna PearceAnna Pearce
Hon SecretaryPeter TennantPeter Tennant
Communications OfficerDorina CadarDorina Cadar
President ElectKate Hunt
Hon Secretary- ElectSarah GibneySarah Gibney
Past ChairAileen Clarke
MembersRuth DundasRuth Dundas (ECR
Ivan PerryIvan Perry (2019 LOC)
Alastair LeylandAlastair Leyland
Max Barnish (ECR)Kathryn Skivington (ECR)
Kathryn SkivingtonTarra Penney
GJ Melendez-Torres (MCR)Kate O’Neill
Catherine HayesJanis Baird (SCR)
Claire NiedziedzCatherine Hayes
Rebecca LaceyRebecca Lacey
Carol Brayne (LOC 2020
Simon Capewell (LOC 2021)