In response to requests from the ECR section of the Society, a mentoring scheme was piloted and then has been running since May 2017. The mentoring scheme involves SCR and MCR members as mentors, who receive training for the role. Many ECRs and MCRs are receiving mentoring currently, the scheme is flourishing and it is valued by both mentors and mentees alike. 

If you are interested in having a mentor, please email to request a mentee form.

We are always interested in hearing from anyone who would like to become a mentor and receive training. If you would like to take on this role, please also email to request a mentor form.

Mentee Testimonials

  • Very useful, a source of independent advice and a sounding board for my ideas. Really helped me secure promotion
  • I found it helpful to talk to someone outside my immediate network with similar experiences but from a different perspective

Mentor Testimonials

  • I’ve really liked working with someone in my own field, but not my own institution. In my own institution we are paired with people outwith our department, which is quite a different experience.
  • I found it helpful to connect with another person, to feel useful and supportive, to have the great experience of helping someone to move forward