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Welcome to the Society for Social Medicine & Population Health

The Society for Social Medicine and Population Health is the study of health in its widest sense. It recognises the broad determinants of health – income and poverty, education, environmental factors such as housing and transport – as well as health care and genetic influences. The Society aims to promote the development of scientific knowledge in social medicine. This covers a range of subjects including epidemiology, the medical and health needs of society, the provision and organisation of health services and the prevention of disease.

The nature of social medicine requires a multi-disciplinary approach to the development of scientific knowledge. The disciplines involved include medicine, epidemiology, statistics, economics, social science and many others. Membership of the Society is open to anyone whose work is consistent with the Society’s objective.

To achieve its objective, the Society holds an annual scientific meeting, and one or two other scientific meetings each year which focus on particular themes. The formats of the meetings allow for presentations by researchers and leading experts in their fields, reports of new research findings, and opportunities for developing and maintaining networks and friendships. The Society also maintains a website, blog, distributes a newsletter and other relevant material to its members, and responds to consultation documents. The Society is affiliated to the European Public Health Association and is a member of the International Epidemiological Association’s European Epidemiology Federation.

The Society was founded in 1956.

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Abstract & Workshop Submission closes
March 02 2020
ASM Registration opens
May 2020
Annual Scientific Meeting
Churchill College, University of Cambridge
Sept 9 - 11 2020


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  • I really enjoyed the early career researcher workshop, having the opportunity to meet other people at my stage of research and take the time to think about future plans and prospects was extremely valuable.
  • I really enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere, which was created from the outset.
  • I would say that SSM presents a great opportunity for any ECR working in the area of public health and its associated topics such as epidemiology, statistics and policy, to engage with a wide audience.
  • A packed 3 days in Glasgow. I am leaving with the Celtic rhythm in my feet, Haggis in my belly and an inspirational assemblage of academic diversity in my mind from the Society of Social Medicine Conference 2018.
  • I appreciated the balance of keynote topic areas, particularly the review on child poverty and health inequality. I feel it is important to be reminded of the stark impact of health inequalities on vulnerable groups, and our responsibility as researchers to communicate findings, and work to ensure that such outcomes do not persist. Lastly, Cork is an incredible city, and to have the support of a free place with all accommodation arrangements so smoothly arranged was also very much appreciated (without which I would not have been able to attend).
    Gargie Ahmad PhD student, King's College London