Twitter_logo_blueWe run regular twitter talks on various topics of interest to our membership using the hashtag #SSMtalk. In general the talks are held on the first thursday of the month from 2-3pm GBT, but keep an eye out on twitter for announcements.

Here is an archive of past twitter talks

July 2016 Brexit: impact on population health research

January 2016 Public Engagement in Research

December 2015 Special holiday-themed hashtags: #XmasSongsAsPapers #XmasSongsAsAims #AcademicPresents 

November 2015 Strategies for Family/Work balance

October 2015 Free Labour in Academia: worth it?

August 2015 The realities of research impact

July 2015  Big Data -are we ready?

June 2015  Mid-career researchers – the forgotten majority?

March 2015  Should health scientists/academics get (more) involved in public & political debate?

February 2015  Your favourite paper in a tweet

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