Previous one-day meetings (2000-2016)



Date Title Location Notes
18 April 2000 NHS Direct:
Expectations and Evidence
The University of Sheffield Speakers include:
Gisela Stuart MP, (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State)
Professor Jeremy Dale, (University of Warwick)
Dr Val Lattimer, (University of Southampton)
Dr James Munro & Professor Jon Nicholl,
(University of Sheffield)
26 April 2000 Primary Care in the New NHS:a research base for policy developments King’s Fund, Speakers included; John Howie, Martin Roland, Ken Judge, and Nick Mays
21 July 2000 ‘Epidemiology, social medicine and public health’ London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine A one-day conference to celebrate the 90th
birthday of Professor J. N. Morris
13 Nov 2001 Struck off, But Why?
Research, policy and practice in removing patients from doctors’ lists
Sheffield Hilton Speakers included: Philip Leech (Department of Health),
Donna Covey (Association of Community Health Councils),
James Munro (University of Sheffield),
Tim Stokes (University of Leicester),
Dermot O’Reilly (Queen’s University Belfast).
3 Oct 2003 Developing a framework for equity in the new NHS Birkbeck College
14 Nov 2003 Globalisation and Health Policy Birkbeck College
3 Mar 2004 Alice Stewart: A Life in Social Medicine Friends House, Euston Road, London
23 April 2004 Methods in HTA research Southampton
23 Nov 2004 Mixed Methods in Health Services Research Whirlow Conference Centre, Sheffield Combining qualitative and quantitative methods in a single study is becoming common practice in health research. But are we making the most of this approach? What can we learn from social and educational researchers who have been using mixed methods for decades? What does integration really mean and how can we achieve it in practice? What expertise is needed to undertake mixed methods studies? This day conference offers an opportunity both to consider these issues and to meet researchers with an interest in mixed methods
21 April 2005 Dahlgren and Whitehead and beyond. The social determinants of health in research, policy and service delivery Cardiff Speakers: Margaret Whitehead, Sarah Curtis,  Mel Bartley,  Dennis Raphael and Gareth Williams
17 May 2005 Genes, Populations and Disease: genomic, proteomic and metabonomic approaches in epidemiology Leeds University Business School Speakers: John Findlay (University of Leeds), Alison Dunning (Strangeways Research Laboratory), Elaine Holmes (Imperial College, London), Aroon Hingorani (UCL, London), Paolo Vineis (Imperial College, London), Lyle Palmer (University of Western Australia), Paul Burton (University of Leicester)
23 Nov 2005 Measuring risks and benefits for population health Manchester Speakers: Roger Harrison,
Arpana Verma, Islay Gemmell (University of Manchester)
8 Nov 2006 Improving the use of ethnicity in analytical research London Speakers: James Nazroo (UCL), Sarah Salway and Gina Higginbottom (Sheffield), George Ellison (St George’s London), Raj Bhopal (Edinburgh), Laila Halani  (Edinburgh), Richard Ashcroft (Queen Mary’s London),
Mark Johnson (De Montfort, Leicester), Richard Tutton (Nott’ham), Kennedy Cruickshank ( Manchester)
22 May 2007 Researching Symptoms: Past, Present And Future Keele University, Staffordshire Simon Wessely, (King’s College London), Chris Dowrick (University of Liverpool), Chris Burton (University of Edinburgh), Gita Mishra (MRC National Survey of Health and Development)
30 Oct 2007 Pathways to obesity: methods and measurements Royal Society of Medicine
London W1
Professor Billie Giles-Corti (University of Western Australia, Perth)
Dr Brian Salaens (University of Washington, Seattle)
Professor Mike Batty (University College, London),
Professor Martin White (University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
21 April 2008 Synthesising qualitative research evidence on patients’ views and experiences: methodological issues and utility Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Campus Dr Stephanie Taylor (QMUL)
Dr James Thomas (EPPI-Centre, SSRU, Institute of Education, London)
Dr Cicely Marston (LSH&TM)
Prof Jane Noyes (University of Bangor)
Prof Sandy Oliver (EPPI-Centre, SSRU)
Prof Peter Beresford (Brunel University)
7 April 2009 Randomised Controlled Trials in Public Health and Health Services Research St Mary’s Conference Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield Professor Jon Nicholl, (Medical Care Research Unit, University of Sheffield)
Cindy Cooper (Sheffield Clinical Trials Research Unit)
Professor Mark Petticrew (LSH&TM)
Professor Steve Goodacre (ScHARR, University of Sheffield)
Richard Kay
Professor David Torgerson, (York Trials Unit)
Professor Mike Campbell & Steven Julious (ScHARR, University of Sheffield)
Professor Glenys Parry & Professor Michael Barkham (Centre for Psychological Services Research, University of Sheffield)
30 October 2009 Research governance seminar

Jointly sponsored by the Health Services Research Network (HSRN), The Society for Social Medicine (SSM) and The Society for the Study of Organising for Healthcare (SHOC)

Manchester Janet Wisely, NRES
Jane Pearson, NIHR CSP
Sue Bourne, UKCRC
Ruth Boaden, CLAHRC
17 June 2013 Joint BSA Medical Sociology Group and SSM one-day meeting to celebrate Sally Macintyre’s contribution to health inequalities research and policy London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London Michaela Benzeval, Alastair Leyland, Kate Hunt
11th March 2016 Mediation analysis: Challenges and novel approaches
Engineers’ House, The Promenade, Bristol Laura Howe, Richard Emsley, Rhian Daniel, Rebecca Richmond, Kate Tilling

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