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Welcome to the Society for Social Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting in Manchester, 6-8th September 2017. Highlights of the scientific programme include four great keynote speakers. The Cochrane Lecture is by Professor Jennie Popay (University of Lancaster), on “What happened to the ginger bread man: twenty years of qualitative evidence synthesis. The Pemberton Lecture will be given by Professor Alasdair Leyland (University of Glasgow), on “God bless the child: empty pockets and the struggle to reduce inequalities in health”. We do have the best plenary discussion titles!

We are also extremely pleased to welcome Professor Michael Marmot (Director of the University College London Institute of Health Equity and the current President of the World Medical Association) and Professor Richard Wilkinson (Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham Medical School, Honorary Professor at University College London and Visiting Professor at the University of York) who will be leading a discussion on “The future of social determinants of health and health inequalities research”.

After the success of the Early Career Researchers (ECR) day at the 60th ASM, a similar ECR specific day will be held in Manchester on Tuesday 5th of September. In addition, we also will hold a new event for Mid Career Researchers (MCR) on that day. The Festival of Public Health, 2017, is taking place at the University of Manchester on Tuesday 5th of September. This is a perfect opportunity for delegates to attend both conferences.

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21 responses to “Annual Scientific Meeting

  1. Hello! I would like to know the Theme and venue for the 2015 SSM Annual Scientific Meeting. Thanks, Y.S. Sivan

    • Hi,

      We don’t currently specify themes for the ASM. We accept anything that addresses population health.

      The venue will be UCD, Dublin.


  2. Hello, I would like to know the deadlines (submission paper) for the 2015ssM meeting. Thank you. IG

  3. Hi Irene,

    The actual dates haven’t been decided yet, but it is be sometime in March 2015. Hope this helps.


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I have just checked and there are no plans to provide creche facilities. I’m very sorry about this as we appreciate that it makes it harder for lots of people. This is something that we will be looking into for future ASMs.


    • Hi Victoria,

      The registration fee hasn’t been finalised yet. This year registration will be separate from accommodation, but last year’s registration + accommodation fee was about £450 for members. This year will be comparable. We will let you know when we know more,



  4. What is the delegate rates for the annual meeting? I am thinking of submitting an abstract but I would need to know the cost in attendance in advance. Thanks


    • Hi Catherine,

      The registration fee hasn’t been finalised yet. This year registration will be separate from accommodation, but last year’s registration + accommodation fee was about £450 for members. This year will be comparable. We will let you know when we know more,



  5. please i would love to attend this conference but i don’t know my way round dublin, never been before, and there is no much details here to help me register, accommodation or phone to contact.,
    I live in manchester.

    • Hi Dr Achioyamen,

      More conference info, including details of accommodation and registration will be going on the website tomorrow. Hope this helps,


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  8. We are considering our submissions for 2017. I realise full details are not available yet. However, is it possible to clarify whether there is the intention in 2017 to still have any restrictions regarding the number of submissions/accepted submissions per person? I have been involved in a few projects and we think they are interesting and would like to submit them to SSM ASM. However, some of them are unfunded, so we cannot afford to send extra people to the conference – meaning that I will be the only person available to attend. Is there a policy against this, or could an exception be applied for if more than one is accepted, given our financial situation? Many thanks.

    • Hi Maxwell,
      We have no current plans to relax this restriction regarding delegates delivering multiple oral presentations. In the past the same presenter has had both oral and poster, but we remain keen to restrict duplicate oral presenters. We do provide a number of free ECR places which cover travel, registration and accommodation so it may be worth encouraging some of the less experienced team members to considering submitting these abstracts.
      Mark Kelson

  9. Hello,

    I was just wondering if the call for submissions had been announced yet (doesn’t seem so as I cannot find information on your webpage) and if not, when it would be/what the deadline would be? Thanks!

    • Hi Martine,

      Abstract submission will be open for about a month from early February. Keep an eye on this site and our twitter feed (@socscomed) for updates.

      Hope this helps


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