Honorary members

Honorary Members July 2015

Every year, we elect new honorary members of the society in recognition of longstanding contributions to the society’s work and aims. This is the current list of honorary members.

E Alberman
T Arie
John Ashton
N Barr
Prof Mel Bartley
Valerie Beral
Prof Rajinder Bhopal
Nick Black
Andrew Boddy
Kenneth Calman
Vera Carstairs
Anne Cartwright
Iain Chalmers
M Clarke
J Colley
Angela Coulter
Liam Donaldson
Karen Dunnell
P C Elwood
Charles du V Florey
John Fox
S Frankel
Peter Froggatt
John Gabbay
M Goldacre
S Griffiths
Walter Holland
A Hutchinson
Prof Raymond Illsey
Prof Hazel Inskip
Professor Sir Miles Irving
Professor E.G. Knox
Di Kuh
J Last
Prof Catherine Law
I Leck
R Logan
Alison Macfarlane
Sally Macintyre
Michael Marmot
Nick Mays
J McEwen
Klim McPherson
D L Miller
J Nicholl
C Orchard
Elizabeth Russell
Michael Rutter
A G Shaper
Z Stein
M Susser
Margaret Thorogood
J Tudor Hart
M Vessey
Michael Wadsworth
Robert West
Margaret Whitehead



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