9.2 Organising SSM Committee meetings

There are three full committee meetings each year and three teleconference meetings of officers only. The Honorary Secretary organises all of these meetings supported by HG3, the current administrative support organisation.

The Secretary prepares a draft agenda, based on the template above (section3.6.2 above) plus additional items that have been sent to him/her.  The draft is then agreed with the President, then circulated to all the committee members, together with other relevant papers.  In 2011, a numbering system was introduced for committee meeting papers.  Each paper is identified using three numbers:

  • The year of the meeting
  • The number of the meeting (numbered continuously since the first committee meeting, not renumbered each year)
  • The agenda item to which it refers

So for example, the minutes of the 183rd meeting, to be considered at the 184th meeting, were identified as 2011_184_2 (as it was the second item on the agenda).

This number forms the filename of the document and is added as a footer to the document.