8 Proposal for Election to Honorary Membership

Honorary members are generally around retirement age, having normally been longstanding members of the Society, and have made a significant contribution to the Society and/or to social medicine.

Historically the decision on who to invite has been made entirely by the Committee. The Honorary Secretary ensures this item is on the agenda for the April/May committee meeting.

Suggestions are discussed, and two or more proposals accepted The President then contacts the proposed individuals to invite them to become honorary life members.  The names of those so proposed who have accepted are included in the Honorary Secretary’s report to the AGM.  Names of honorary members (including those who are deceased) are listed at www.socsocmed.org.uk/honmem.htm.


From 2015, a new system is to be adopted where members are asked for nominations for honorary membership based on:

Contribution of social medicine

Contribution to the Society

The Committee will then decide on which members should be offered honorary status.