7 Privacy Policy for Membership Data

Any information submitted through the web site of the Society is held in the strictest confidence. Members’ postal and email addresses are used to keep them informed of SSM activities and to mail them other information which members of the Committee feel may be of interest to members.  The information on areas of expertise, qualifications and employer can be  used to direct some of our communications to those most likely to be interested.

The Society holds the full electronic membership list and is under an obligation not to copy the list to any commercial organization.

The only information collected from the website is that listed on the update form.  Members who do not wish to use the web based update form may send HG3 the information by email or by post.  Whatever information members submit will be held on a computer database under the conditions described above.

The Society will not sell, trade, or rent any personal information to any third party.

We appreciate that privacy is very important to members. We welcome comments regarding this policy so it may be improved.  Members are asked to send comments to the Honorary Secretary, at secretary.ssm@gmail.com.

As a result of comments and legislation, the Society reserves the right to modify its Privacy Statement from time to time.