6.2 Process of application

6.2.1      Application forms

The application form and Standing Order mandate form can be found via https://socsocmed.org.uk/join/ or at http://www.hg3.co.uk/ssm/membersregistration.aspx.

6.2.2      Application

Prospective members must complete the online membership application forms.  New members may be introduced by an existing member or endorsed by a colleague or line-manager from their working environment, who can vouchsafe for their eligibility as per the above criteria. Where applicants do not know any current member or do not nominate a work colleague to endorse their eligibility, they are asked to send a short CV to the Honorary Treasurer.  The Honorary Treasurer may then endorse the application if satisfied that the applicant is eligible as per the above criteria.  Such scrutiny is only undertaken to safeguard against disingenuous reasons for joining, such as identify theft.  Individuals requesting membership must cover the initial year’s annual fee (£35) and submit a completed Standing Order mandate.

6.2.3      Approval and publicity

The Honorary Treasurer will provide the SSM Committee with a list of all new members to notify and verify that none of the Committee has any previous experience of new applicants that would make them concerned about consenting to membership; this is particularly relevant to applicants that have neither a current member nor a work colleague to endorse their eligibility.  This is to ensure that genuine applicants are able to join the society as soon as possible but are later confirmed by the Committee.


In summary, no-one becomes a member until they have been endorsed by another member or the Honorary Treasurer, and the membership fee has been received; membership is probationary until the Committee confirms membership.  In the unlikely event that membership is not supported by the Committee, any fees already paid will be reimbursed for the individuals concerned.  The names of newly approved members admitted since the last published newsletter are printed in the following newsletter.