4.7 Bursaries for students and others on a low income

The SSM Committee is committed to continue funding at least 25 free places at each ASM for students and other early career researchers, subject to a healthy financial status.

At the same time as abstract submission deadlines are advertised a notice is posted on the SSM and ASM websites announcing that a number of bursaries are available to students and other people on low incomes (defined as an amount around the normal postgraduate student stipend).  An announcement is also emailed to the Heads of Academic Departments.  Applicants are asked to complete an application form which they email back with scanned proof of their income.  The deadline for applications matches the abstract submission process. Previous recipients of a bursary are eligible to apply again, but the maximum number of awards is two.

Bursaries are offered to all those eligible who have an abstract accepted. If places remain, a selection panel is convened comprising the Honorary Treasurer and one other Committee member.  If necessary, the President has the casting vote.

After the application deadline, the applicants’ supporting statements are anonymised and sent to the selection panel.

The bursary covers cost of registration, accommodation for the two nights, conference dinner and social events up front from the local ASM budget.  The award holder arranges their own travel, and keeps tickets/receipts which they send to the Treasurer’s administrative assistant after the conference. Travel expenses up to £200 (standard class and only absolutely essential taxis) are reimbursed from the central SSM budget.  Award holders submit a report on their experience of the meeting (about 200 words) and this must be received before travel costs can be reimbursed.