4.1 Division of labour between the SSM Committee and the ASM Local Organising Committee (LOC)

In general, the content of this handbook describes what the main SSM Committee does.  The person / institution whose offer to host an ASM is accepted is responsible for setting up a local organising committee and arranging for administrative support (from within the institution and/or from an inexpensive conference provider, for example HG3, which assisted with the ASMs in 2011 and 2012).  The local organising committee is responsible for everything associated with organising and hosting the ASM, except as listed in the table below, which itemises responsibilities that are shared between the two Committees.


Table 4: Responsibilities of SSM Committee and ASM LOC


Responsibility SSM Committee role ASM LOC role
Setting up ASM website SSM web master will do this Supply information to the webmaster
Abstract submission & selection Secretary sends emails to membership;

Webmaster places guidance, etc on SSM and ASM websites and link to submission site;

The Abstract Moderator randomly allocates abstracts to reviewers;

Each SSM Committee (main, ECR and local) peer-reviews 20-40 abstracts;

The abstract moderator moderates the scores;

SSM Committee reviews the scores at the April meeting (May if timeline reverts to 2012 and earlier).

Everything else, including setting up submission site; sending information to SSM Secretary & Webmaster; publicity;  recruiting reviewers; acknowledging submissions; sending instructions and abstracts to reviewers; notifying authors; arranging the programme;
JECH Secretary negotiates the JECH fee. Treasurer approves the JECH fee & pays the JECH invoice Negotiating the JECH fee; preparing the JECH supplement; liaising with JECH re publication timetable & delivery
Free place applications Membership Secretary sends emails to membership;

Webmaster places on SSM and ASM websites; Treasurer & small group adjudicate, once accepted presentations are known.

Arrange free registration and accommodation
Pemberton & Cochrane lecturers Chosen by the SSM committee; invited by the SSM President Can suggest names to the SSM Secretary before the May meeting the preceding year.

Arrange free registration and accommodation

Thanked by the SSM President; Honoraria paid by SSM Treasurer. Thanked by the ASM Chair
Hospitality around the ASM SSM Committee & invited speakers (those who are already there) & LOC go out for an informal dinner the night before the ASM, paid by the Treasurer. The dinner is arranged by the LOC
  Invited speakers taken out to eat by the Chair of LOC, funded by the ASM.
Prizes £100 for pre- and post-doc ECR with the highest scoring abstracts: generic book voucher bought by HG3, paid by SSM Given by LOC Chair at final plenary