3.9 The Web Master

The Web Master will:


  1. be supervised by a member of the Society
  2. have demonstrated evidence of basic web site management and authoring skills before appointment
  3. have proven reliable access to the Internet
  4. be appointed by the Committee for a period of three years, renewable
  5. be a member of the Communications subcommittee, though not its chair
  6. be responsible to the Committee.

During tenure

  1. have the right to change the domain name provider and the Internet Service Provider after consultation with the Communications subcommittee
  2. remind the Treasurer to pay the provider(s) when payment is due
  3. develop and maintain the SSM main site and the ASM site, including:
    1. Post new material within 3 days of receipt on the main site and on the SSM Twitter, Facebook and RSS pages
    2. post material related to the Society’s members’ interests, in particular information about conferences
    3. Amending the sites to conform with any changes in branding

4. provide information to the Communications Officer as requested (e.g. for his/her annual report to the Committee and contributions to the Newsletter)

5. inform the Communications Officer and Communications subcommittee of a wish to resign at least 6 months before termination.