3.8 The Communications Officer’s Responsibilities

The Communications Officer will:


  1. be a member of the Society
  2. have demonstrated evidence of basic web site management (or a willingness to learn same) and authoring skills before appointment
  3. have proven reliable access to the Internet
  4. be appointed by the Committee for a period of three years, renewable
  5. be a co-opted member of the main Committee
  6. chair the Communications subcommittee
  7. be responsible to the Committee

During tenure

  1. oversee the work of the Web master
  2. oversee development and maintenance of the SSM main site and the ASM site, as specified in the role of the web master, section 5.9.
  3. report annually to the Committee and contribute to the Newsletter when requested
  4. inform the Committee of a wish to resign at least 3months before termination.