3.3 The Honorary Treasurer

The Honorary Treasurer is responsible for the financial status of the Society, including reviewing periodically whether to be a Charity or a Limited Company.  More specific responsibilities involve the following areas of work:

  1. SSM’s financial transactions, including approval of the payment of bills and honoraria for ASM speakers, generating invoices, monthly reconciliation of bank statements, and preparing books for annual audit.
  2. Presenting audited accounts to AGM for approval by the membership, which must then be minuted as approved.
  3. Presenting a financial update at each Committee meeting
  4. Strategic role making recommendations about changes in membership fee, financial status of the Society, and advice on Society expenditure, to ensure there remains a minimal financial risk to the membership (who are accountable were the Society to become a debtor and there are insufficient funds within the Society accounts).
  5. Maintaining appropriate processes for membership renewal and membership database maintenance, approving membership applications and vetting new members who do not have their own proposers, plus overseeing ongoing development of the membership area of the Society website (managed by HG3).
  6. Liaising with EUPHA in order to maintain a database of SSM members who want to be able to access the EJPH (managed by HG3), and paying EUPHA the appropriate dues for this facility.
  7. Administration of the Free Place scheme at Annual Scientific Meetings (ASM).
  8. Providing a point of contact to support the other roles within the Committee relevant to membership recruitment and the ASM, providing advice on financial planning of the ASM to local organisers.
  9. Overseeing the work of HG3 for the day-to-day administration of the above tasks. HG3 also acts as the Membership Secretary (see section 6.2.2 below)