3.2 The Honorary Secretary

The Honorary Secretary’s role is to:

  1. Organise three Committee meetings, and three Officer teleconferences, each year
  2. Organise the Annual General Meeting (referred to in the constitution as the ‘business meeting)’
  3. Respond to calls to organise an Extraordinary General Meeting
  4. Provide oversight of the Constitution and advise on processes and amendments
  5. Arrange nominations and elections for Committee and other Society roles
  6. Act as liaison between Committee Officers
  7. Co-ordinate and support Committee members in their roles, including supporting ad hoc working groups, updating handbooks and action points
  8. Liaise with the ASM Organising Committee and other partners (e.g. JECH, HG3)
  9. Communicate with members proactively and respond to issues raised by members, including contributing to the Newsletter and consulting members on key SSM and other issues..
  10. Maintain the Society’s paper and electronic Archive
  11. Update the handbook annually