3.1 The President

The duties of the President are to:

  1. Provide leadership to further the Society’s aims amongst the membership and officers
  2. Act as an ambassador for the Society, liaising with other organisations as appropriate to further the aims of the Society
  • Liaise with Honorary Secretary to determine agendas for meetings, expedite committee decisions and achievement of subsequent actions
  1. Chair the Annual General Meeting (the ‘Business meeting’) and any Extra-ordinary General Meetings
  2. Chair Committee meetings
  3. Conduct Society business between committee meetings, notably an Officers teleconference to review and action any outstanding committee decisions, and draft an agenda for the next committee.
  • Assist in the recruitment and induction of individual committee members and oversee, support and encourage them in their various roles
  • Invite the eponymous lecturers for the following year. (Contacting the chosen lecturers for the current year to confirm arrangements is the responsibility of the ASM Chair).
  1. Write to that year’s eponymous lecturers to thank them, on behalf of both the SSM and the ASM Committees. In the past, the ASM Chair has also written on behalf of the Organising Committee. However, in 2015 the past and current Presidents and President elect took the decision that only a single letter from the President is required.
  2. Write offering honorary membership to those chosen by the Committee
  3. Make preliminary arrangements for the venue for future ASMs, ensuring that in principle agreement is reached with a representative of each proposed host institution for the hosting of the ASM at least four years in advance.