2.1 The Constitution

The original Constitution and by-laws were drafted and approved before the Society’s electronic archive was started.  The Constitution has been amended on a number of occasions (table 1). Changes are discussed at AGMs and if that does not have sufficient quorate, then confirmed by subsequent ballot of all members.

Table 1: Changes to the constitution

Timing of change Details of change
2003 Added bylaw 7: to allow Society to establish Sections
2010/12 Wording changes to make constitution more gender neutral

Change to wording to allow electronic ballots and communication,

Changes to allow committee to vary the annual subscription fee, and for these to be paid by direct debit

Changes to allow other Executive Officers to sign cheques in Treasurer’s absence

2012/13 Honorary members given same rights in Society and ordinary members

Chair’s role to last for two years and become an elected post

Chair to be called president henceforth

2014/15 Update objective of the Society

Increase number of ordinary members from 6 to 9

Formalise role and status of co-opted committee members

Make communications officer executive role for 5 year term


The full current constitution can be found at: www.socsocmed.org.uk/constitution1.htm.

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