1 Introduction

This web-based handbook is intended to be a useful manual for new members of the Society for Social Medicine (SSM) Committee and Section sub-committees, particularly for officers of the Society.  Where information is already available on the SSM website, this handbook is limited to pointing readers to the relevant web-based information.

It complements and does not replace the existing information for organisers of the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), which is updated and passed annually from the chair of that year’s local organising committee to the chair of the local committee organising the following year’s ASM.  The material to assist ASM Organising Committees is currently being developed into an ASM Handbook.

ASM tasks for which the SSM officers and SSM committee, not the ASM organising committee, are responsible are itemised in this handbook. It also includes items that pertain to the ASM where there is confusion about who does what.  For example, individuals to give the named lectures are discussed and then proposed by the SSM Committee and invited by the SSM President; the honoraria are paid by the SSM Treasurer; speakers are written to afterwards by the SSM President. The liaison over the timing and title of the lecture, and an invitation to dinner on the evening preceding the conference are from the ASM Chair (although the dinner is paid for by the SSM).

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