Brexit: Europe expects every UK scientist to do their duty

EU flag

Brexit negotiations are ongoing, and the debate is tense with regard to the conditions of the exit from the European Union. In their article Miani et al argue that one thing that is not to be compromised on is the shared value of health as a universal human right. Support for any kind of Brexit, including a “soft” Brexit, would only contradict the basic principles of global health and threaten the health and well-being of some of the less protected population groups such as migrants and refugees. It is part of European public health professionals’ role, in particular of those from the UK, to insist that the UK continue sharing responsibilities in an interdependent and interconnected world. This includes addressing the specific challenges of migrants and refugees’ health and offering equal access to healthcare for all.

SSM have received special permission to host this editorial from the International Journal of Public health entitled Brexit: the country goes, but UK public health principles remain.

Posted on behalf of: Céline Miani, Yudit Namer, Judith Wenner, Oliver Razum


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