Message to all SSM members on Brexit

By now you will have seen the result of the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union.

Having sought the express permission of its 500+ members, the Society for Social Medicine issued a statement on 24th May lending its public support to the “Healthier In” and “Scientists for EU” groups in favour of the UK’s continued membership of the EU. The overwhelming support received for this position – from 82% of those who voted compared to just 4% of respondents who believed that the Society should support groups backing exit from the EU – reflected the general feeling among the scientific community in the UK that membership of the EU was beneficial to the health of the UK population and for European research potential.

We are thus very disappointed by the result of the referendum that the UK should leave the EU.

At this stage we are faced with uncertainty regarding the process of withdrawal. We would like to reassure you that as a Society we remain fully committed to the European Public Health Association and to maintaining good working relationships with European countries and organisations. We appreciate the invaluable contribution to research in social medicine within the UK that is made by researchers from other countries including EU nationals. The Society for Social Medicine is committed to recognition of public health as a global issue and we will work through the difficult times ahead to ensure that we continue to collaborate as fully as possible with our international partners to advance knowledge for population health.

Professor Aileen Clarke, President

On behalf of the committee of the Society for Social Medicine

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