SSM twitter talk

SSM twitter talk

SSM twitter talk is happening Thursday 5th of February 2-3pm #SSMtalk

Want to discuss with fellow SSM members topics related to “advancing knowledge for public health” and other member-nominated topics?  Use #SSMtalk and tweet-along!

The first topic will be “Favourite Research Paper of All Time”.  Can you express your favourite paper in a tweet? Other alternatives are listed below

The aim being to produce summaries like here We will storify all of the chats at the end to give us a nice overview of the depth and breadth of research conducted by SSMers.

  • Summarise your first ever publication in one tweet (with link if possible)
  • Summarise your favourite research paper of all time (with link)
  • Summarise your last research paper in one tweet
  • Tweet the central message of your most practically useful paper

If are summarising a thesis retweet it with #ShareMyThesis to enter this competition too!



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