Developing your career in public health research: one day meeting for early-career researchers



On the 9th of September, the SSM Early Career Researchers Sub-committee will host a one-day meeting on career development in public health research. The event will take place the day before the Annual Scientific Meeting in Oxford and is available free of charge to all ECRs attending this year’s conference.  A number of early-career researchers will present their work and there will be plenary sessions from Professor Colin Baigent (Professor of Epidemiology and Honorary Consultant in Public Health at the University of Oxford) and Professor Doug Altman (Director of CSM and Cancer Research, UK Medical Statistics Group). Over the course of the day, post-doctoral researchers, public health trainees and colleagues working in the 3rd sector will share their experiences of both academic and non-academic career paths. You can find out more about the event here.

Please note that if you are planning to attend the pre-conference meeting you must make arrangements for any extra accommodation directly with Keble College Bed & Breakfast.

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